The resort of Albena is situated 32 km north and northeast of Varna, 502 km northeast of Sofia and 12 km south-west of Balchik.
It was built in 1969 near a long sand stretch in the open northern part of Varna Bay.
The complex lies beneath a relatively high hill and is given particular charm by the nearby forest of Baltata (Batova forest), a part of which is declared a protected area. To the north the coast is steep, featuring yellow sandstone and limestone typical for the area.

Albena has more than 100 catering establishments, ranging from top class restaurants to fast food outlets, small cosy spots right on the shore, bars and discos, taverns and folk-style places, Chinese and Indian cuisine to suit any taste and pocket.

 At present, the resort has 43 functioning hotels. From 5-star to 2-star categories the hotels offer different degree comfort and luxury to holidaymakers. Albena resort is one the most expensive on the Black Sea coast, alongside with Dyuni and Roussalka. The most famous and representative is the 17-storey Dobroudzha Hotel.

 There are lots of tennis courts, bars, casino and restaurants, children's playgrounds, swimming pools, golf playground.
One can ride a bike or a horse, there are stunts with horses and cascade tricks, one can rent a car, cutters, sailboats, yachts, waterwheels and jets; The whole range of water sports facilities is available with the assistance of coaches.

  There is regular transport to Albena from Balchik, Varna, Golden Sands and Dobrich. Apart from the regular town buses, there are a lot of private minibuses, route and ordinary taxis, water transport from the small port in the resort.

 Cultural programs - International Children's Fest, Golden Antenna Festival of Musical and Entertainment TV Programs, Pop-rock Festival, Coast of Hope Festival. There are many concerts, symphony and wind orchestras, contests for children's drawing on asphalt, puppet theatre.

 The average annual temperature is around +12°C. Air temperature in the summer is over 25°C and often reaches 29-32°C. In May and September the day time temperature is 20-25°C, and in April and October around 15-19°C. Optimum humidity of the air is 63-65%; There are typical light refreshing winds from the sea - days with refreshing breezes make up 2/3 of the summer months. From April to September the days are from 13 to 15 hours long and the sun shines from 8 to 11 hours. The temperature of sea water in June, July, August, and September is around 22-25°C. In the third week of may it reaches 20°C, while at the end of October it gradually drops down to 15-16°C.

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New apartments in Albena

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