Borovets is the first and the largest winter resort in Bulgaria. It is a place of great popularity and is located at 1350 m elevation on the slopes of the Rila Mountain. The resort is surrounded by old pine woods and is not far from peak Moussala, which is at 2925 m elevation – the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula.
Borovets is less than 80 km away from the capital Sofia and about 120 km from Plovdiv, the closest town is Samokov - only 10 km away.
  During winter the climate in Borovets is mild and with loads of snow from the middle December till April.
The excellent facilities for winter sports attract thousands of ski and mountain lovers from Bulgaria and all around the world each year. There are 45 km of slopes of different difficulty levels and length, combined in 3 areas: Sitnqkovo - Martinovi Baraki; Markudjik - four runs and Iastrebec - three pistes.
 There are excellent conditions and facilities for snow sports: skiing / night skiing, snowboarding, ski jumps, biathlon, cross-country skiing and of course great hiking trails and various attractions during the summer as well.

Borovets ski centre is serviced by perfectly organised lift system - two chair lifts, six drags, a gondola, few baby drag lifts, as well as fourteen snow cannons for artificial snow. There are ski and snowboard rentals near the Gondola station with good variety of winter sport equipment and Borovets ski school is known as one of the best in the country - there are over two hundred professional ski instructors, fluent in foreign languages.

 Borovets is a traditional host of different winter sports competitions; the resort has hosted World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing and its biathlon track is one of the best across Europe.