The small coastal town Byala (pop. 2300) is situated 50 km south of Varna and 80 km north of Bourgas.  It is located on a hilly area and opens wonderful views to the sea with unbelievable sunrises over the sea and sunsets down in the mountains - the hills of Balkan Mountain rise only 6 km south-west of Byala.

During the last few years the town has been developing very fast and at the moment it is a desired holiday spot for many tourists during the summer season. There are many new hotels, restaurants, private homes and other attractions that service the local people and the tourists.

The beach area is about 6 km long with fine sands - the northern beach is famous for its fine white sand and beautiful lagoons; The central beach is the most preferable one - it has many restaurants, water-slides and other attractions; The only yacht port in the area is situated on the south beach.

Very close to the south of Byala is located the other famous holiday destination in the area - Obzor, which also provides lots of fun and entertainment to visitors.
Transport is well organised - there is a regular bus service to Varna, Sunny Beach, Bourgas and Obzor, as well as private taxis or rent-a-car companies.

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