Hissarya is a small town located in the central part of Bulgaria, on the southern slopes of Stara Planina mountain. The town is elevated at 360 metres above sea level and has about 9,000 inhabitants. The town is located 40 km north of Plovdiv and 165 km east of the capital Sofia.

Nature is generous to the city! The mountains protect it from cold northern winds and winters are mild and the summer nights - cool. Rainfall is moderate, below the national average precipitation. Autumn and spring are warm and the snow cover is thin and short.

The town was founded in Roman times and has been protected as a fortress. The main evidence for this are the remains of Roman wall and a large amphitheater. At the time of the Turkish invasion, Hissarya was burned and later in the XVII century it was rebuilt and called Hissar (Fortress).

Today, the town is most popular for its 22 thermal springs with mineral curative water. The water temperature is between 24 and 51°C. The water is slightly mineralised, odorless and is used for prevention of certain disease or their treatment. It is mainly used for treating stomach, gastrointestinal, kidney - stone, gallbladder - stones, liver, gynecology and other diseases.

The ancient Roman town Augusta is one of the best preserved monuments in Bulgaria of its kind and is declared an archaeological reserve.

The most important sights that must be seen are:
- The fortress - the best preserved in Europe from the late antiquity (IV century). Today, it reaches a height of 11 metres and the largest fortress gate - "The Camels " rises 13 metres.
- Roman amphitheater - a perfectly preserved semicircular stage arena for performances, battles and games in Antiquity.
- Basilicas - remains of 10 early Christian basilicas are found in the town. They prove the importance of the town as a mature Christian Centre in IV - VI century.
- Roman Baths
- Roman tomb - located about 300 m southwest of the town wall in the natural park "Slaveev dol". It impresses with its beautiful mosaic floor resembling a colourful carpet.
- Imperial residence
- Summer Theatre - Located in the beautiful park "Orpheus Dol" with a total of 1,700 seats. It was built in 1960 and hosts concerts, entertainment shows, dance performances, singers and entertainers.
- Thracian cult complex Starossel (20 km away) - this is one of the largest Thracian temple - tomb in southeastern Europe, dating since the end of the V century and the beginning of the IV century BC

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