Kiten is a small picturesque coastal resort, situated about 55 km south of Bourgas and 445 km southeast of Sofia. Located on a peninsula surrounded by two picturesque bays, Kiten has two beaches - north and south. In historical plan, the village was founded by settlers from Eastern Thrace. Its historical roots date back to ancient times, evidenced by the amphorae found on the south beach, dating back to the 6 th century BC. Kiten is a successor of the ancient fortress Urdoviza whose remnants can still be found on the peninsula.

Nowadays, Kiten is a modern summer resort, which has small luxury  hotels, guest houses and holiday homes.
Thanks to its unique combination of beautiful beaches, green forests, which are cut by rivers, this beautiful coastal resort offers great opportunities for a relaxing summer holiday.

Famous sites include many reserves, preserving the rich biodiversity of the region. The biggest on is Ropotamo Reserve - famous for its beautiful water lilies and one of the most bizarre rock formations in Bulgaria - Lion's Head. It incorporates several smaller reserves and parks, all of which kept unique flora, fauna and natural attractions.