The coastal town of Primorsko has a population of about 2500 people and is located 26 km to the south of Sozopol, 52 km to the south of Bourgas and about 440 km east of the capital Sofia.
The settlement first arose at the end of 19th Century. It lies on a cape, situated between Stamopoulo Bay and Diavolski (Devil’s) Bay.

Primorsko has a large beach zone with fine sands. The small coastal resort is surrounded by the forests of the Strandja Mountain which make the air cool during the nights, while the hot sun provides lots of pleasure for the sun bath lovers during the days.

The resort has been constantly changing in the past few years - many new hotels and attractions have been built, offering great opportunities for a pleasant holiday experience. Close to the town is located the Ropotamo river. The lower section of the river is a nature reserve since 1940 and a protected area. It has become a popular tourist attraction because of the water lilies and the rock formations above the river, on some of which white-tailed eagles nest.