St. St. Constantine and Helena

  The oldest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is only 9 km northeast of Varna and 480 km east of Sofia.
Its construction began in 1908, near St. St. Konstantin and Elena Monastery and the purpose was to receive patients sick of tuberculosis. The church itself was built at the beginning of 18th century. Today the building of the monastery is a hotel and a restaurant of high category.

At present, its popularity is due to the unique combination of mountain crystal clear air, mineral springs and the sea. The resort offers numerous mineral springs, balneology complexes, open- air pool with hot mineral water famous for its healing quality.
The main feature of St. Constantine and Helena is the beautiful park zone and the wonderful “English lanes”; small beaches and quiet gulfs; numerous pools with mineral water and modern balneological centres.

Sports and entertainment include tennis courts, yacht-clubs, children’s playgrounds, discos and cafes, night clubs, casino, cozy private restaurants and pubs, pedestrian and children’s zones, other attractions.  

St.Constantine and Helena Resort is also famous for its botanic garden populated with rare varieties of plants and animals. The complex is a beautiful and colourful and ecologically clean area with rich and unique vegetation, among which the most noticeable are the pine trees stretching out on an area of about 55 hectares.

Accommodation: More than 50 hotels - the most famous of which is the 5-star Varna Grand Hotel.
The big restaurants at the hotels offer excellent food. Famous restaurants in the resort: Manastirska Izba (Monastery Cellar) - housed in the building of the monastery, Bulgarska Svatba (Bulgarian Wedding) and others.
Regular town buses run every ten minutes (from 6.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m.) from the resort to the sea capital city. Many minibuses and route-taxis are good opportunity for quick transport to Varna.

Between St. Constantine and Golden Sands is the small Chaika resort offering sufficient accommodation and catering facilities. The Evksinograd Residence is located further southwards. It was built in a New Baroque style with exceedingly beautiful garden, park, fountains, and stairs leading down to the seashore. The residence can be visited with a special personal permit and tourists can have a look around in scheduled hours and days (usually on Fridays and Saturdays).

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