A small spot on the map, at the coast of the Black Sea, the village of Aheloy is both near and far. It is near the sea, nature, quietness and serenity, rooted in ancient history, culture and national identiy. Despite its location on the road between the biggest Black Sea centres, Aheloy is very far from the urban crowd, noise and sources of industrial pollution.

In contrast to nearby resorts, Aheloy has remained intact from the invasion of huge and overcrowded hotel complexes, big and noisy restaurants and public houses. Despite booming construction works along the Black Sea coastline, the village has preserved its calmness and serenity and the villagers are warm-hearted and hospitable people. There are no large-scale construction sites but there is much air, calmness and serenity.

There are around 2100 people living in the village of Aheloy according to the 2002 national census.

Aheloy is a place for people who seek a quiet holiday at the seaside.The village falls within an environmentally-sound area, the river is clean and it is a favorite place for fishing enthusiasts.

Sea-shore is less than one kilometer away from the village. There is a stony beach and a pier for boats. The Aheloy camping site with its small but beautiful beach is situated to the south of the village. The beach between Pomorie and Aheloy is a desert strip of land, about 10 km long bordering to the sea on the one side and to the Pomorie Lake on the other.

While surfing becomes increasingly popular in Bulgaria, the surfers say the waves along the Sunny Beach - Aheloy coastline provide good opportunities for windsurf fans, although they cannot be compared to the waves in Hawaii, California or Tahiti.

The distance between the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia and Aheloy is 400 km. The village is 34 km away from the District centre, the city of Bourgas. The health resort Pomorie with its famous mud baths is only 10 km away. The village of Ravda, a rapidly developing resort is 3 km away and the biggest Bulgarian seaside resort, Sunny Beach is 7 km away. The town of Nessebar, a unique tourist centre in terms of history, culture and architecture is also 7 km away from the village.

The transport connections are very convenient because all bus lines connecting Bourgas with Nessebar, Sunny Beach and Varna go through the village. In addition, Aheloy is located only 19 km away from Bourgas International Airport.

The climate is Continental Mediterranean. The average annual temperature is about 15°C. The winters are cool, summers are long and hot and springs and falls are warm and nice. Local people enjoy high percentage of average daily sunshine. Annual precipitation is low and snow cover is rare in the winter.

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