The small resort of Chernomorets is situated 25 kilometres away from the town of Bourgas and 9 kilometres from the ancient town of Sozopol. This lively resort settlement boasts four beach stripes, each one differing greatly from the others – from secluded tranquil areas to the typical bustling beach crowds - Chernomorets has it all.
The position of the resort within the picturesque Bourgas bay guarantees high air and water temperatures, providing the opportunity for long, relaxing days at the beach during the summer months up until October. Beautiful cliffs and lush vegetations make the resort a popular destination not least because of its suitability for all kinds of water sports. The beach at the Gradina camping site, mere kilometer and a half from Chernomorets is ideal for windsurfing and extreme water sports. The rocky coast in the eastern side of Chernomorets, known as the King’s Beach is the perfect place for nudists, cliff jumpers and anglers.