The town of Tsarevo (pop. 6500) is situated 75 km south of Bourgas at the border between the Strandzha Mountain and the sea. It lies over two small peninsulas, bordering a beautiful inlet.

The town was included within Bulgarian borders around the year 1913, since then it has changed its name few times - Vassiliko was the first name (given by the Greek people that used to live there centuries ago), changed to Tsarevo in 1920's and Michourin in the 1940's, finally - changed to Tsarevo again in the 1990's.

Today Tsarevo is among the most visited south Black sea resorts. It offers great hospitality, perfect service, lots of attractions and a rich market with fresh locally grown vegetables.
The small and cozy resort offers a lot of entertainment especially for families with kids.

Tsarevo has three sandy beaches, the central beach of the town is small, but surrounded by picturesque trees from the town’s park.
There are numerous new hotels, providing accommodation at good prices, as well as traditional restaurants offering Bulgarian national and international cuisine and fish meals.

Once one gets into Tsarevo, it is worth spending a day either at the beach or deep into the Stradzha Mountain. The mountain was declared a natural park in 1995 and is one of the least explored in Bulgaria, which explains the richness of its wildlife.
The mountain also has a lot of caves (particularly in its western part), traces of ancient civilizations were found - such as stone figures, sun discs carved in stone, Thracian dolmens, fortress walls, protobulgarian sanctuaries, etc. The mountain's villages are also unique in terms of spirit and architecture.  

The peak of Papiya (502 m - the highest peak on Strandja Mountain) shows traces of an old fortress and stands out to the south of the town.
Not far from Tsarevo are two of the most visited camp sites - Nestinarka and Arapia.